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Alice Goes Beyond The Mirror

The White QueenDisney Interactive Studios announced  the availability of “Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror,” for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. Inspired by the highly-anticipated 3D fantasy adventure “Alice in Wonderland” from Walt Disney Pictures and visionary director Tim Burton, the app is priced at $4.99 and lets users play as Alice through up to 10 multi-level environments, hundreds of puzzles and curious challenges, all while encountering her famous childhood friends: the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter.

“’Alice in Wonderland’ fans are going to love this fun adventure game where they can explore the whimsical fantasy world of Alice and the many beloved characters that have made the story a favorite amongst so many generations,” stated Stephen Saiz, director of marketing, Disney Interactive Studios.

In the “Alice in Wonderland – An Adventure Beyond the Mirror” game, users can freeze time with the White Rabbit, make objects appear or disappear with the Cheshire Cat, use the power of telekinesis with the March Hare or transform objects from one world to another with the help of the Mad Hatter. The game also features the ability to unlock hidden objects in Alice’s Journal with their GPS, Camera, Photo Library, and by playing the game.

In addition, users can discover hidden items and learn more about the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ game for the Nintendo Wii and DS™, which is available on March 2.

“Alice in Wonderland” opens in theatres on March 5 and stars Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Mia Wasikowski as 19-year-old Alice.

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