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A Winter Storm Looms In New ‘That Texas Blood’ Story Arc Kicking Off This June

That Texas Blood

Bestselling, contemporary crime noir That Texas Blood by Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips kicks off a new story arc titled, “The Snow Falls Endlessly In Wonderland.” This new chapter in the series will begin in That Texas Blood #14 out from Image Comics this June. 

“Our fictional county in West Texas continues to be an incubator for the dark and sordid,” said Condon. “While our first two arcs allowed us to explore neo-noir and cult horror tales, this latest arc takes a stab at the slasher subgenre. Well, the slasher subgenre as funneled through the unique perspective of Sheriff Joe Bob Coates and his fellow Ambrose Countians, of course.”

Phillips added: “See Ambrose county as you’ve never seen it before… covered in snow! In this new arc we are really getting to stretch our horror muscles, leaning into the slashers that both Chris and I love.”

As a winter storm looms over Ambrose County in January of 1992, a local woman’s body is discovered and believed to be the latest victim of a horrifying West Texas serial killer.

This latest installment of this neo-western series sees a chilling crime committed in the most frigid conditions; a tale perfect for new and seasoned readers alike.

That Texas Blood #14 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 8. That Texas Blood is available for purchase across many digital platforms, including Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Google Play.