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A New Litter Of Stray Dogs Arrives This December In ‘Dog Days’

Stray Dogs Dog Days

Breakout hit series Stray Dogs by Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner is back with a new spinoff, Dog Days. This upcoming two issue miniseries will launch in December from Image Comics. 

A series of vicious short stories howling straight out of the pages of Stray Dogs, 2021’s surprise cartoon/horror smash hit! In Dog Days, each stray will get their moment to shine—questions will be answered, mysteries will be solved, and old wounds will be torn open. Starting this December… every dog has its day.

“We’re so excited to be making more Stray Dogs! When we first pitched the book to Image, we said, ‘this is a tightly paced five issue series BUT—if people dig the book and the characters as much as we do—we also have a special we want to do later where we give each of our dogs their own little spotlight story without slowing down the pacing of the main book,” said Fleecs. “It’s like an extended edition Blu-ray—The full Stray Dogs story happens in issues 1-5. But if you want to know more about Earl or Imogene or Victor, or get some more context for the story. All of that happens here. Plus, because we’re not locked into this suspense, ‘How will they escape?’ narrative anymore, we can do funny stories or sad stories or action packed stories or sweet stories. All of the dogs in the book are different, so it’s been really nice to get to do a bunch of different kinds of stories with them.” 

Stray Dogs: Dog Days #1 will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, December 29.