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‘Epilogue’ Showcases Middle Eastern Artists

EpilogueComing this November, UDON Entertainment is proud to present EPILOGUE: ILLUSTRATION AND CONCEPT ART OF THE MIDDLE EAST. EPILOGUE gathers fantastic artists from across the Middle East, and showcases original works drawn from both their international influences and their own cultures.

Inside you’ll find concept artists, illustrators, 3D artists, painters, and cartoonists from the fields of video games, animation, and film. EPILOGUE is an art gallery in a book, bursting with skill, passion, and dedication. The 136-page hardcover tome features over 30 creative men and women, representing several countries including the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and more.

The book’s foreword explains the creators’ motivations for assembling this unique project: “Through this book, we want to showcase the talents the Middle East has to offer and raise awareness regarding our budding community and just how much we’re capable of doing and creating. A small step, perhaps, but one that will hopefully pave the way for the expansion of this industry in our countries.”

EPILOGUE: ILLUSTRATION AND CONCEPT ART OF THE MIDDLE EAST arrives in stores everywhere November 2017.