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The ultimate Joker showdown: Will Jared Leto be greater than Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson?

This is no laughing matter. With the theatrical release of "Suicide Squad" fast approaching, there has been much buzz about Jared Leto's performance as the infamous Batman foe, the Joker. There is even talk that his performance is the best interpretation of the maniacal villain yet.  With such...

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Marvel NOW! Hear This: Bullseye

Bullseye by Bill Sienkiewicz

He’s plagued Daredevil, worked for the Kingpin, killed Elektra and stolen Hawkeye’s identity, and now Bullseye has his own title in his crosshairs.

Last seen in the pages of ELEKTRA, where The Hand cured him of the devastating injuries he suffered in the pages of DAREDEVIL, the Bullseye everyone knows and loves returns to action thanks to the team of writer Ed Brisson and artist Guillermo Sanna

We spoke with Brisson about what to expect from Bullseye’s first ongoing series.

Marvel.com:  How did you end up working on BULLSEYE, Ed?

Ed Brisson: While I wish there was an exciting story behind it, there isn’t really. [Editor] Mark Paniccia called me up and asked if I’d be interested in writing a BULLSEYE series and I, of course, jumped at the chance. I’ve done a few things at Marvel in the past—a two issue fill-in and a short for Secret Wars—but have been itching to get on a series. Being offered a series was great. That it was a BULLSEYE series was even better.

I’m a huge Daredevil and Punisher fan. Both are bucket-list characters for me. The chance to write Bullseye, one of their greatest antagonists, sounded like a great opportunity. 

Marvel.com: What are some of your favorite interpretations of the character?

Ed Brisson: There are two sides to Bullseye that I really like.

First, in series like BULLSEYE: PERFECT GAME and BULLSEYE: GREATEST HITS, you see how Bullseye works on the long con. How he can meticulously plan hits and play people to get what he needs. In some cases, it’s just him playing with his prey and destroying them before taking them out. He can be incredibly cruel in that regard.

Second, you have the completely unhinged, I-just-want-to-kill-people, force-of-nature Bullseye. The money he earns from hits is secondary to the thrill he gets from killing. Hell, we never see him enjoying his earnings, only his killings.

I like that about him. He’s crazy, but there’s always a method to his madness. He’s always working an angle.

Marvel.com: What’s the appeal of working on a villainous character?

Ed Brisson: There’s that saying: “Every villain is the hero of their own story,” which has always appealed to me. In most of my creator-owned work, especially with Sheltered, Murder Book and The Violent, I’ve dealt with characters who are outwardly bad or unsavory or broken and have tried to write them in such a way that the reader can sympathize with them. If not sympathize, then at least cheer them on.

When Marvel announced KINGPIN, I got pretty excited because I’ve always thought that there should be more villain-focused books. Something where we get to see their struggle, what they’re trying to accomplish and how the heroes of the Marvel Universe are constantly ruining that for them. As a reader, I was thrilled with Marvel going this route, but never thought for a second that I’d get to write one of them.

Marvel.com: What do you have planned for the first story arc?

Ed Brisson: Without spoiling too much, we’re sending Bullseye to Colombia. It’s Bullseye vs. a crime cartel that makes Pablo Escobar look like Mr. Rogers.

What I really wanted to do with this series was to tell a solid Bullseye story that feels like a good, street-level crime story. Those are the types of stories that tend to get me really excited and something that I think the reader will dig.

Marvel.com: Can we expect any early appearances from Lady Bullseye, Ikari, Daredevil or Kingpin?

Ed Brisson: For this story, we wanted Bullseye to be on his own, give him a chance to shine, rather than having him share the spotlight with others who already have their own book, such as Daredevil and Kingpin. I had initially contemplated Lady Bullseye and Ikari, but, the last few times that we’ve seen Bullseye, he's needed to enlist the aid of others and I think that what we need to see right now is Bullseye, back on his feet and causing all sorts of carnage, all on his own.

That said, we are bringing in a couple of older Daredevil characters in minor supporting roles. Both characters are from the John Romita Jr./Ann Nocenti run from the 80’s, which is where I first started reading Daredevil. That run, and a lot of the characters introduced during that run, hold a special place in my heart.

Marvel.com: What does artist Guillermo Sanna bring to the title?

Ed Brisson: Going in, Guillermo was someone I wasn’t familiar with. But a quick Google of his work and I was very, very happy to know that we’d be working together. He’s got a really nice, clean style and handles kinetic action really well. The pages that have seen so far have been spectacular, and I can’t wait to get them in front of everyone’s eyeballs. 

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Bullseye by Bill Sienkiewicz

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Ms. Marvel & Inferno Drop By Avengers Tower in a New Animated Clip

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‘Suicide Squad’ director David Ayer on unleashing his movie into the ‘Roman arena’ of fandom

After years of showcasing square-jawed, spandex-clad do-gooders, the superhero genre is breaking bad.

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New animated series ‘Transformers: Combiner Wars’ targets a very specific audience: adults

In the newest Transformers series, “Transformers: Combiner War,” the beloved onetime Autobot leader Optimus Prime and evil Decepticon leader Megatron are no longer in charge, relics in a new age of peaceful co-existence between the long-battling sides of Transformers. 

For those who have not kept...

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