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Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Gambit

Practice your poker face and get ready for some 52 Card Pickup as the Ragin’ Cajun makes his explosive debut in “Marvel Contest of Champions.”

Kabam Art Director Gabriel Frizzera and Game Designers Dominic O’Grady and Justin Ostensen dropped by to talk Gambit and all the TLC the team put in to make the card-slinger stand out.

Marvel.com: First things first: I am digging Remy’s look! Did The Collector pick him straight out of the 90’s?

Dominic O’Grady: You know it! Both us and Collector are big fans of the 90’s X-Men look. Bold, colorful, and dynamic costumes and designs make each of the classic X-Men stand out, and Gambit is no exception. The Collector would be remiss if he didn’t add this version of Gambit to the many Champions present in The Contest.

Marvel.com: He’s got his staff, the duster, even the blue steel boots!

Dominic O’Grady: He’s the real deal, right down to the kinetic cards! He’s absolutely one of our most flashy characters; the animators and artists really went to town with Gambit.

Gabriel Frizzera: Our team even created a specific animation rig to make sure Gambit had an extra-long coat, like in the comics! We spared no expense!

Marvel.com: On to gameplay! Tell us a little about his Ragin’ Cajun ability. What’s going on there?

Justin Ostensen: Ragin’ Cajun is all about Gambit powering up his existing abilities for even more effectiveness. An upgrade to his signature Flak Jacket allows him to soak up even more Physical Resistance than before and give him more survivability in long fights. Additionally, Ragin’ Cajun also powers up Gambit’s new Buff in The Contest, Prowess, by granting him a large boost to Critical Damage during his already explosive Special Attacks.

Marvel.com: And what about Ante-Up? Does he get to throw some cards around or something a little less on the nose?

Justin Ostensen: Well, he’s already throwing cards during his Special Attacks and base moves, so Ante-Up is a little different. We wanted to capture Gambit’s high stakes, push-your-luck mentality with this ability. As Gambit holds Block, he builds up Kinetic Charges, which he can trade in for Prowess Buffs that boost his Special Damage. However, he has to be careful, because whenever Gambit is struck by a combo he has a chance to Fold and lose all of his Kinetic charges. It’s all about risk vs. reward and how far the player wants to push to get that extra bit of bonus damage for a massive Special Attack.

Marvel.com: Now Gambit’s no stranger to fighting games, having made appearances in multiple Marvel vs. Capcom titles. Was the team inspired by any of those games or is the Contest of Champions Gambit totally his own man?

Gabriel Frizzera: Like good Marvel fans, we all love the Marvel vs. Capcom series. But every time we develop a character, we always go straight to the source, in this case the comic books. Re-interpreting the source material always gives us a better chance to create something original and authentically Marvel, instead of echoing past successful products. Of course there are classic moves that any version of Gambit needs to have, but awesome X-Men comics were at the core of our inspiration.

Marvel.com: And when can we expect to add him to our roster?

Justin Ostensen: Gambit has stepped in to help his fellow mutants against the new Terrigenocide event and is ready to enter The Contest now. Make sure to check for in-game messaging and arenas to see how you can get your hands on the Ragin’ Cajun himself.

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews!

Gambit in Marvel Contest of ChampionsGambit in Marvel Contest of ChampionsGambit in Marvel Contest of ChampionsGambit in Marvel Contest of Champions

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Deadpool: Dream Teams

Deadpool and friends by Scott Koblish

Deadpool has collaborated with some unlikely partners over the years; from the ghosts of Founding Fathers—Benjamin Franklin—to undead livestock—Hellcow.

But who else does the Merc with a Mouth want to work with?

We spoke to Gerry Duggan, writer of DEADPOOL as well as the upcoming DEADPOOL ANNUAL featuring Firestar and Iceman, to find out who he thinks Wade Wilson would most like to join forces with next.

Marvel.com: So, if Deadpool could choose anyone in the universe to team up with, who do you think he’d choose?

Gerry Duggan: Someone he’d really like to team up with is Logan. Not Old Man Logan, not Logan as he currently is, because…well, actually…yes, Logan exactly as he currently is: dead Logan. A “Weekend at Bernie’s” with Logan. The corpse of Logan.

Marvel.com: Of course.

Gerry Duggan: Could he say Bea Arthur? Could that be one of his answers?

Marvel.com: Maybe. But maybe not.

Gerry Duggan: Okay. Now, not to be a creep, but Doc Ock went on a date with Aunt May…so why couldn’t Deadpool? Wade would love to be able to take her out to a meal. And maybe there’s a moment there. Old people have needs too and Wade is happy to service them.

Marvel.com: Pete wouldn’t be happy.

Gerry Duggan: And I also think Wade would like to hang out with Cosmo the Spacedog. Wade would like to drink some of Russia’s finest vodka with Cosmo. And really, the reason is to see if Cosmo can actually read his mind.

Marvel.com: Dead Logan, Bea Arthur, Aunt May, Cosmo—anyone else?

Gerry Duggan: I also think he’d like to hang out with Mr. Fantastic. He could fill him with helium and float around New York City. That’s how he’d like to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Marvel.com: Canadian Thanksgiving.

Gerry Duggan: And the only other person he’d like to team up with is himself. He’d love to play with himself.

Marvel.com: So those are the people Wade would like to work with, but who would you most like to write alongside Wade?

Gerry Duggan: I’d like to preface this by saying that I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve been able to make a lot of my really great dreams come true. But there are definitely ones that I haven’t had the opportunity to do yet.

I’ve never had an opportunity to write Elektra. That would be a fun one. I know Charles Soule and Ben Acker and Ben Blacker made really good use of that in THUNDERBOLTS. That’s a chocolate and peanut butter combination I’d like to take a run at.

Marvel.com: Who else?

Gerry Duggan: Maybe a female version of Iron Fist?

Marvel.com: Danielle Rand?

Gerry Duggan: The Iron Fistess?

Marvel.com: That’d work. Any others?

Gerry Duggan: These aren’t exactly characters, but I would like to send Deadpool to Asgard, to Hell, and to K’un Lun. Those are uncharted.

And Moon Knight would be a good one because they could try and out-crazy each other.

Make sure to catch the Merc with a Mouth in DEADPOOL #18 and DEADPOOL ANNUAL #1, both available on September 14!

Deadpool Annual (2016) #1 by Scott Koblish

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Angie Dickinson in Cry Terror! (1958)

Angie Dickinson in 1958Angie Dickinson takes center stage in TCM’s ongoing Summer Under the Stars programming today. The leggy mid-western beauty first achieved widespread general and critical attention for her role in Howard Hawks’ Rio Bravo (1959) airing 10 PM EST/7 PM PST. Hawks often referred to the actress as his “discovery” but in truth, […]

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‘No Man’s Sky,’ arguably the world’s largest video game, asks if bigger is better

Fourteen minutes and 54 seconds.

I’m on a distant planet and I need to get to my spaceship. Yet "No Man's Sky" is telling me that the vessel is a 14-minute, 54-second hike away. So I settle into the couch. But after three minutes of strolling through a salmon-colored rocky surface — and admiring...

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Fightin’ Fanboys: Enzo Amore

Enzo Amore (photo courtesy of WWE)

By Blake Garris & Ben Morse, photos courtesy of WWE

Enzo Amore has a lot going for him. We already knew he clocks in as a certified G and a bonafide stud—as he reminds the world each and every week on WWE Monday Night Raw—but now we’ve learned he’s got geek cred as well.

Before Enzo and tag team partner Big Cass face off against Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens this Sunday at WWE SummerSlam—available on the WWE Network—we caught up with him to get his thoughts on Spider-Man, the WWE Draft, and much more.

Marvel.com: Ok, first question: So Chris Jericho. How are things going with him right now? 

Enzo Amore: Chris Jericho? You know, he can try everything he wants to do in this world. He can try to bring me and Big Cass down, but Big Cass is seven-foot-tall and I’m larger than life, dude. [Laughs] I mean he can give it his best college try, but at the end of the day, you know, I’ll hit him with a haymaker pancake and drop him, you know?

Marvel.com: What are you and Cass going to bring to SummerSlam against Jericho and Kevin Owens?

Enzo Amore: We are going to bring the hometown heat. I have yet to be up in the Tri-State area as a pro in this business on the WWE main roster. It will be me and Big Cass’s first time together. Big Cass had the opportunity in New Jersey in Newark at the Prudential Center to get out there in front of the crowd. I was coming back from injury so I wasn’t there that day. So this will be the first hometown crowd that me and Big Cass get to get out there in front of and the fact that it is SummerSlam in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, is just mind-blowing to me; it’s humbling, it’s just an experience in and of itself and the fact that you’re stepping in there with a guy like Jericho who you’ve looked up to at some points in your career, growing up as a kid, loved him. Then a guy like Kevin Owens who’s been around the world his whole career as well. You know, when your idols become your rivals and when you step in the ring with guys who mean business, that’s [when the magic] happens and unfortunately for these guys, I could pull a rabbit out of the hat and Big Cass, you know, he’s gonna pull a Louisville Slugger out of his trunk so [Laughs] at the end of the day, we’re out here trying to hit a home run.

Marvel.com: What’s the experience of being on the main roster and being drafted to Raw been like?

Enzo Amore: Oh, it’s crazy man. Draft Day was one of the wildest days I’ve had in my four-year tenure here at the WWE. Obviously I spend a lot of time in [NXT]. Only been up here in the WWE since the night after WrestleMania, but that Draft Day, you literally watched some guys you would consider your comrades or the guys you would consider your enemies go their separate ways. And literally they get in the car and you just don’t see that guy [Laughs], you know, for the foreseeable future. Some of these guys are guys you drove in cars with, some of your best buddies you hit the gym with and the fact that, there’s literally a brand extension where we are not going to see each other anymore, this might be your roommate or somebody you got to know real well like—me and Big Cass fortunately staying on the same side, Monday Night Raw, but I’ve lost some good buddies to SmackDown and vice versa. I just look at it as a competition and when they drafted us to Monday Night Raw, it instantly became the best show on television.

Marvel.com: You’re obviously a great team player as we see with you and Big Cass. How do you think you would do as a member of the Avengers? What would you bring to the group?

Enzo Amore: I think I’d obviously have the freshest gear in all of the Avengers. That’s for sure. I would imagine that fire just spewed out of my mouth a hundred miles an hour, probably enough to propel myself into flight; I could probably fly because I’m as fly as they come and if anyone thinks of flying’ at me like Chris Jericho, I’ll pluck his feathers. But, you know, the Avengers—I was always a big Spider-Man fan. That was my guy. I used to have him in the ring all the time against Shawn Michaels growing up as a kid with the action figure. But yeah, I guess I would probably just spit fire.

Marvel.com: What got you into Spider-Man in the first place?

Enzo Amore: Oh, my pops, man. My pops is a big, big, big comic book collector. He’s got more than I know what to do with and he’s bought em’ and sold em’ probably a majority of his adult life. You know, he went back and bought the ones that he had sold after his adolescence. So, I guess he got me into Spider-Man. I also liked Captain America and I also liked the Spider-Man cartoon when I was a kid.

Marvel.com: Anything else you want to say before we finish up?

Enzo Amore: Yeah man, you know SummerSlam is the first time me and Big Cass come together in New York City since last year in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. This time, it’s our main roster debut in New York and in front of that hometown crowd—my 86-year-old grandmother will be in the front row. My mother, my father, my sister, my brother. Likewise with Big Cass, you know? So it’s a reunion of sorts for a lot of people that we grew up with and who have been able to watch us and the things that we’ve been doing on TV lately, but live in the flesh, there’s nothing like it.

Follow Enzo Amore on Twitter and get more information about Monday Night Raw and SummerSlam on WWE.com!

Enzo Amore (photo courtesy of WWE)Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Enzo Amore, and Big Cass (photo courtesy of WWE)Big Cass and Enzo Amore (photo courtesy of WWE)

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