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Books-A-Million Soars into September with Fan-Favorite Comic Events

Batman and HarleyReaders passionate about the fight between heroes and villains are invited to experience a special action-packed September event. Harley Quinn is set to take over during Batman Day on Saturday, September 23,welcoming Gotham City’s notorious cape crusader and a familiar foe.

Gotham City madness will unfold in stores during Batman Day and the Harley Quinn Takeover on Saturday, September 23 from 2-4 p.m. Guests will celebrate with special edition Batman Day comics, cosplay, games and activities for all ages – and the fun doesn’t stop there: Harley Quinn will be taking over this year! Fans will witness the rivalry while taking advantage of comic book giveaways at Books-A-Million stores.

“DC Comics has provided storylines that entertain fans of all ages for decades, and these pop cultural icons are only growing in popularity,” said Scott Kappler, chief marketing officer at Books-A-Million. “Celebrating the Star Wars and Batman brands with exciting, interactive events continues to bring these cherished superheroes and characters into homes around the globe. We love to share the experience with our guests!”

Giveaways are limited and valid while supplies last. All ages are welcome, and events will be held at all Books-A-Million stores. For more information on how to participate in September events, please visit booksamillion.com.