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Download Episode 303 of This Week in Marvel

We’re not here to make friends. Now that you’ve finished “Marvel’s The Defenders,” all episodes exclusively on Netflix, it’s time to cozy up to a brand new episode of This Week in Marvel, the official Marvel podcast!

Ryan, Ben and Tucker give you the rundown on all of this week’s latest and greatest comics releases including THE UNBELIEVABLE GWENPOOL, MIGHTY THOR, ULTIMATES 2, and more! Editors Tom Brevoort and Alanna Smith take a look back at the Defenders comics that inspired the Netflix original series (1:16:04). Eric and Christine deliver all the Games/TV/Film goodness from the West Coast (1:33:38). We close everything out with your questions and comments (1:43:32)!


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This Week in Marvel will focus on delivering all the Marvel info on news and new releases–from comics to video games to toys to TV to film and beyond! New episodes will be released every Thursday (or so) and TWiM is co-hosted by Marvel VP & Executive Editor of Digital Media Ryan “Agent M” Penagos and Marvel Editorial Director of Digital Media Ben Morse, along with Marvel.com Editor Marc Strom, Marvel.com Assistant Editor Christine Dinh, and Manager of Video & Content Production Blake Garris. We also want your feedback, as well as questions for us to answer on future episodes!  Tweet your questions, comments and thoughts about TWiM to @AgentM@BenJMorse@chrissypedia or @Marvel with the hashtag #ThisWeekinMarvel!

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Celebrating Star Wars #36

We all know that the first Star Wars film changed the face of pop culture forever when it hit theaters 40 years ago—but it’s not just the movie that’s celebrating that milestone in 2017. Star Wars comics arrived with force in 1977, and hundreds of issues later, they’re more popular now than ever.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, we’re looking back at our 40 favorite moments from the history of comics from a galaxy far, far away—one day at a time.

We all remember the first scene of “The Force Awakens,” where Poe Dameron receives a key bit of information from Lor San Tekka that might lead the Resistance to the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. But how did Poe know to go there in the first place? Writer Charles Soule tackles that question in his ongoing POE DAMERON series, and issue #1 sets the tone by establishing two important things.

Poe Dameron (2016) #1

Poe Dameron (2016) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

First, an early scene depicts General Leia Organa explaining a vital Resistance mission she entrusts to Poe. She relays that their best hope for finding her Jedi brother is to locate Lor San Tekka and that she has authorized him to form a small squadron for this essential task. This leads to the second important event established by POE DAMERON #1—the creation of Black Squadron.

By the end of the issue, Black Squadron has arrived to the last known whereabouts of Lor San Tekka, only to learn from the native Crèche cult that he left long ago. Only by learning their ways—which includes the worship of a huge egg that contains their “savior”—will they release this information. And, wouldn’t you know it, that’s the least of Poe’s problems… The First Order has tracked Black Squadron and has just arrived to attack.

Though this particular adventure ends with issue #3, Black Squadron’s search for Lor San Tekka continues today on the shelves of your current local comic shop in the pages of POE DAMERON.

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Disney Star Cameron Boyce to Guest on ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” makes its debut this Saturday on Disney XD, and we’ve got new casting news for the latest animated incarnation of everyone’s favorite wall-crawler! Disney star Cameron Boyce (“Descendants,” “Jessie”) will make a vocal guest appearance on the series, in the episode airing Saturday, August 26 at 7:00am ET/PT.

Boyce will voice Herman Shultz, a driven young scientist who creates new, wearable technology with his best friend Clayton Cole. Herman is the inventor of “gauntlets” which can control vibrations – and his alter-ego, Shocker, is very familiar to longtime Spider-Man fans.

Cameron Boyce at a recording session for “Marvel’s Spider-Man” (Disney XD/Rick Rowell)

In the episode, titled “Osborn Academy,” Herman is attempting to be accepted into the prestigious new Osborn Academy, a school for geniuses. This ends up pitting him against Clayton, leading to the two battling it out for a coveted spot at the school.

The “Osborn Academy” episode of “Marvel’s Spider-Man”

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” debuts this Saturday, August 19 with a one-hour premiere airing at 7:00am ET/PT on Disney XD, with the “Osborn Academy” episode airing the following Saturday.

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Flashback Friday: Manifold

Every Friday we use the powers of Marvel Unlimited to look back at the very first appearance of a major character, place, or object that made waves this week.

As Manifold jumped into the search for Ezra Keith’s killer this week in Ta-Nehisi Coates and Butch Guice’s BLACK PANTHER AND THE CREW #5, we decided to review where everything began for the mutant.

An Aboriginal Australian with teleportation powers, the man also known as Eden Fesi made his first appearance in 2009’s SECRET WARRIORS #4 by Jonathan Hickman and Stefano Caselli. The series—about a team of young heroes assembled from Nick Fury’s personal files on super powered individuals—saw Fesi join the crew in the middle of Dark Reign, as Norman Osborn accumulated an immense level of power with H.A.M.M.E.R.

Nick Fury worked in the shadows to combat this new organization by recruiting his list of super humans as well as hundreds of former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who refused to shift allegiances to Osborn.

Fury sent Daisy Johnson and Sebastian Druid to remote Australia, where they found Eden alongside his mutant mentor—fellow teleporter, Gateway. Though Gateway initially refused Johnson and Druid’s advances, he eventually agreed to allow his protégé to join the battle against Osborn.

On Eden’s very first mission, he teleported alongside his team to a flying Hydra base where they saved Fury and a group of captive S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers.

Eden Fesi stuck around the Secret Warriors until the series ended with issue #28. During this run, he suffered an injury that left him in a coma—though emerged stronger, with a sincere understanding for what it takes to be a super hero.

Later, writer Jonathan Hickman had Eden join the Avengers, where his reality-bending powers proved to be a vital method for his teammates and him to jump in and out of delicate and dangerous situations. During this course of events, Eden adopted the codename Manifold.

In the wake of Secret Wars, Manifold fled to the secluded nation of Wakanda in the pages of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ other book, BLACK PANTHER.

Flash Forward

Manifold once saved all of existence from the machinations of Doctor Victor von Doom.

In SECRET WARS #1, the Ultimate Universe entered a collision course with the central 616-universe. As certain heroes assembled to fight the Incursion, others attempted to save the group of super powered beings at-large.

With all of reality at stake, T’Challa connected Eden a machine that enhanced his teleportation abilities, allowing the Australian to jump across space and rescue their heroic allies from the brink. After transporting his allies to the safety of a lifeboat vessel, Manifold eschewed the safety of the ship to continue the fight. One of those lifeboats—filled with people he just saved—untethered from reality and supplied Doom’s headquarters, Doomworld, with the combined power required to reassemble the universe to its (nearly) original state. Well done Manifold!

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Kirby 100: Gerry Duggan

1917 to 2017: 100 years of Kirby.

Join us this month to celebrate Jack “King” Kirby’s 100th birthday by learning about the characters and stories he created that changed comics forever. To commemorate Jack’s centennial, we’ve sat down with the modern-day creators he influenced—and the decades of work he gifted us all.

The road to appreciating Jack Kirby seems to be different for everyone. If you happened to be reading comics in the 60s when he, Stan Lee, and others built the Marvel Universe, then you found him everywhere. If you came to comics years later, it may have taken a little more digging to discover his legendary talents.

For Gerry Duggan, it took some time to fully understand the full importance of Kirby’s art in establishing the length and breadth of the playground he currently gets to play in.

Though probably most known for his run on DEADPOOL over the years, Duggan also penned UNCANNY AVENGERS and HULK, and currently helms ALL-NEW GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. While working on those titles he’s come to understand some of the King’s co-creations even better.

We talked with the writer about Kirby’s monsters, mayhem and what the King might have thought of the Merc with a Mouth!

Marvel.com: Do you remember the first time you came across Kirby’s work and what you thought of it?

Gerry Duggan: His [FANTASTIC FOUR] run. Discovering comics in the era before the Internet made comics reading a much different experience. As a kid, I was unaware that the Marvel Universe flowed out of his pencil. It was just a treat to discover that the artist I knew from FANTASTIC FOUR also had runs of UNCANNY X-MEN and AVENGERS to discover. It was only later after reading so much of his work that I realized—wait—it was all Jack and Stan—and friends. A truly astonishing body of work.

Marvel.com: Do you have a favorite era of Jack’s work at Marvel between the Golden Age, the dawn of the Silver Age, or his more unleashed 70s comics?

Gerry Duggan: Sincerely, I love it all, but I’m more partial to the late era Kirby with those crazy double page spreads.

Marvel.com: You mentioned being a fan of Kirby’s monsters. How did you come to those and do you have a particular story that sticks out in your memory as a classic?

Gerry Duggan: Well, I always loved those pre-Avengers stories from Kirby. So many strange and wonderful monsters that could only have sprung from his imagination. Groot of course is one of these creations. Some of my other favorites are Fin Fang Foom and Gorgilla. So much fun.

Marvel.com: You’ve written the X-Men and Hulk before, two properties that people don’t always remember Kirby had a hand in. Did you look back to his early issues when working on those books?

Gerry Duggan: I always revisit Jack’s work from time to time. The last thing I read was his Hulk. My Hulk was a sad tale about the monster getting what he always wanted, but eventually having to accept that it wouldn’t last. His intelligence and independence from Banner were both going to slip away from his hands. I hope [artist Mark Bagley] and I did Jack proud with our year on HULK. It remains one of my favorite collaborations. The cover to my first issue was by Alex Ross—the first time his art was the cover to one of my stories. I have a picture of it in my office. Alex’s Hulk is Jack’s Hulk. It’s such an amazing and powerful image. Very inspiring.

Marvel.com: You’ve done a lot of work with Deadpool. Obviously, he came along years after Kirby’s last Marvel work, but do you see any lineage between Jack and Wade?

Gerry Duggan: Even if we weren’t Jack’s thing, I’d like to think he would have admired the amount of fun and tragedy we crammed into our run. Jack’s work made you feel something. That’s all we’re going for.

Marvel.com: You’ve written Kirby co-creations like Steve Rogers, Human Torch and plenty of others in team books. How much of the original characterization do you reference in those cases?

Gerry Duggan: Particularly with Cap. However with Torch, I had fun with him trying to navigate his world and deal with the loss of not just Reed and Sue, but also the strained relationship with Ben. Families grow, change, and are pulled apart before sometimes snapping back together. I tried to find moments for Johnny where he asked Cable if Reed and Sue ever return in the future. That felt like something he would be preoccupied with. Jack’s Cap is my Cap. When you meet a Nazi, you beat the stuffing out of him and that would be that.

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more throughout Kirby Month and beyond! And join the conversation on all of our social channels with the hashtag #Kirby100.

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Entering Marvel Contest of Champions: Doctor Octopus

Otto Octavius finds himself on Battlerealm, tentacles ready to cause as much chaos as possible—and knowing Doc Ock, Spidey’s in for a whole heap of trouble.

We talked to Kabam Designers Dominic O’Grady and Simon Cameron about Otto’s in-game abilities and what players can expect from the newest “Marvel Contest of Champion” villain!

Marvel.com: Doctor Otto Gunther Octavius—his name’s a mouthful and his tentacles a handful. How does the good Doctor Octopus find himself in the Contest?

Dominic O’Grady: The Grandmaster is not a fan of Spider-Man, particularly because his brother, The Collector, is so fond of him. For the Grandmaster it’s double-duty: He prefers villainous Champions to do his bidding, and ones that know how to fight Spidey are all the better!

Marvel.com: Doc Ock has had so many different outfits through the ages, what era or eras did the team channel for this particular iteration?

Dominic O’Grady: The main goal was to evoke a Silver Age feeling with his design, while not being tied to any particular era-associated costume of his. Of course immediate recognition is the most important detail, and we also wanted to pay homage [to] his scientific background; thus the lab coat and pocket pens!

Marvel.com: And you kept the bowl cut! How tempted were you to give players a more fashion forward Otto?

Dominic O’Grady: Not at all. Dorky haircut or bust.

Marvel.com: How do abilities like Power Lock, Heal Block, Fury, and  Armor Up help round out Octopus’ equation?

Simon Cameron: Doc Ock is a scientist; as such, he builds up a library of research on his opponent through observation and testing. In game this means Doc Ock has three Research Categories he builds based on his and the opponent’s actions; for example, he builds Physics research as his Opponent builds Power.

Doctor Octopus in Marvel Contest of Champions
Doctor Octopus in Marvel Contest of Champions
Doctor Octopus in Marvel Contest of Champions

Doctor Octopus in Marvel Contest of Champions

Each of his Research Categories gives him a passive bonus [that] scales as the category builds, and finally each category has a Breakthrough effect which [triggers] when a category reaches 100 lasting for a few seconds before resetting his Research to go again. The last variable in the equation are the good Doctor’s Special Attacks, all of which are based around him interacting with his Breakthrough.

Marvel.com: We all know Doc Ock’s a smart cookie, but how does his signature ability, Academic Background, help him lay his foes low?

Simon Cameron: Doc Ock’s Academic Background gives him two advantages. The first is starting all of his research categories at 60 instead of zero, and secondly it gives all of his Breakthrough effects an upgrade. For Biology, he gains Armor Penetration along with his Armor Up, and for Chemistry and Physics he gains the ability to steal a portion of the Health or Power blocked by his Heal Block and Powerlocks respectively. These effects do stack up to three times, though for the Heal Block/Power Lock on the steal portion of the effect stacks.

Marvel.com: Tell us a little about his allies and how they interact with the Doctor.

Simon Cameron: Doc Ock can bring a number of allies with him that enhance his abilities, as well as taking home a nice bonus for themselves. These effects target his Research Categories doing things like, preventing his Research from falling off over time, and having his Research Categories reset to 50 instead of zero.

Marvel.com: And finally, when will we get to lecture our enemies into oblivion with Doctor Octopus?

Dominic O’Grady: The diabolical doctor is available now in crystals and arenas! Get to work; there are experiments to be done!

Stay tuned to Marvel.com for more “Marvel Contest of Champions” news and interviews!

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Star Wars: Friends Forever

It’s Artoo to the rescue!

On September 13, STAR WARS #36, written by Jason Aaron with art by Salvador Larroca, finds our lovable little R2-D2 on a mission to rescue his best pal C-3PO.

Though Luke, Han, and Leia thought they escaped Darth Vader’s clutches without a hitch, they soon realized one member of the group didn’t make it out in time. In response, Artoo commandeered an X-wing and headed off on a solo adventure to save Threepio from the Empire’s grasp.

It’s a challenge only a true friend would undertake. And if William Shakespeare has taught us anything, it’s that this kind of true love can only be expressed with a complicated rhyme scheme.

Presenting: “An Ode to Artoo and Threepio”


Two droids, alike in physical mechanics,

Though quite different in personal dynamics.

One brave,

One grave.

Yet together, a friendship full of space antics.


Through bickering, fighting, and endless woe

In a galaxy far, far away, a long time ago,

Brothers, the two

Never say “I love you.”

Don’t worry, tin hearts…we know.


Luke, Leia, and Han may be a big factor,

But they’d still be stuck in a trash compactor

Without these two,

Doing what they do.

Save the galaxy, they must—true benefactors.


Now, too long have these friends been parted,

It’s time to finish what the Empire has started.

To rescue Threepio,

Bwreep-Boop, tally-ho.

Artoo will shoot first before he’s departed.


Only time will tell if the Empire can outgun

A friendship longer than the Kessel Run.

Is that long?

We could be wrong.

You’ll find out once issue #36 is done.


Find out if our favorite friends are finally reunited in STAR WARS #36, by writer Jason Aaron and artist Salvador Larroca, on September 13!

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The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Jurassic Jumble

Doreen Green—The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl—has defeated the likes of Doctor Doom, Galactus, M.O.D.O.K, and Thanos in recent years. They don’t call her “unbeatable” for nothin’, folks.

On September 13, witness the next chapter in her invincible story as writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson present UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #24! Seen previously frolicking in a nature preserve full of dinosaurs, Doreen gets a big surprise when one of those prehistoric beasts turns out to be Ultron in the form of a Tyrannosaurus rex!

It seems a rumble for the ages awaits in the cards—so, what can we learn about this Jurassic joust before issue #24 hits shelves? Series writer Ryan North probably knows—let’s ask him!

Marvel.com: Squirrel Girl has single-handedly defeated some of the most powerful beings in the universe…but will this newest foe end her winning streak at last?

Ryan North: Obviously you’ll have to read the comic to find out—but we did put “unbeatable” on the cover, so I wouldn’t be dressing up neighborhood squirrels in black funereal garb just yet. But how? How could she do it? Ultron has incredible powers and has previously defeated the Avengers as a group—and she’s alone in the dangerous landscape of the Savage Land.

Seriously, please let me know how she could do it. I have written myself into a corner and need ideas stat.

Marvel.com: What’s it like writing a character that’s so powerfuland so funny?

Ryan North: With Doreen I see this really clever, competent woman who gets underestimated by people who don’t know her—and there’s a lot there that most of us can relate to. In a sense, it’s so easy to write Squirrel Girl because she’s so well-defined; she’s a ridiculously powerful person (she has all the powers of squirrel and girl, after all) and she’s also really empathetic. She’d rather discuss a dispute before heading right into a fist fight. In real life, I try to do the same, and I, too, have had many more discussions than I have fist fights—so in that sense she can be inspired by reality as well.

She also has this slightly skewed view on the Marvel Universe—it’s the point of view of a computer science student (Doreen!) and her friends (Nancy! Tippy-Toe! Brain Drain! And more!) who see everything with fresh eyes.

Marvel.com: What do you think makes Squirrel Girl so unbeatable?

Ryan North: She’s smart, she’s kind, and she knows computer science. Also: squirrels. A literally unbeatable combination—it’s so powerful that I’m surprised it hasn’t shown up in fiction until now!

Marvel.com: What’s your favorite element of this storyline?

Ryan North: Ultron is lots of fun, and turning him into a gigantic Tyrannosaurus rex only makes him even more fun. I am always happy to write a dinosaur, and I hope that my previous Dinosaur Comics work has given me that expertise in writing giant Tyrannosaurs.

I think it’s impossible not to have fun when you’re putting your characters in some sort of “Jurassic” kind of “park”—especially when they’re facing down a killer robot dinosaur named Ultron. There is literally nothing not to love in that sentence.

Marvel.com: So, how did Ultron turn into a dinosaur!?

Ryan North: Well, I don’t want to give it all away (we reveal it in the next issue!) but Ultron always rebuilds himself—even if only a little bit of him survives. In the past, we’ve always assumed that only one part rebuilds, so only one Ultron exists at a time, but if that wasn’t the case…and if that extra part dropped into the Savage Land…

Marvel.com: What makes the Savage Land the perfect setting for this story?

Ryan North: I love the Savage Land because it’s there, in the present day, just, you know, hanging out in Antarctica. Like, everyone in the Marvel Universe just goes about their business, paying their bills and taxes, and never once stops and says, “Hey, wait a minute, there are alive dinosaurs on Earth right now,” and hops on a plane to go see them. It was fun to play up Nancy’s disbelieving reaction to that at the start of the arc, because I had the same reaction when finding out about the Savage Land way back when. It’s a big deal and I think super heroes and regular people should be visiting it way more often!

Marvel.com: Definitely! What will your interpretation of the Savage Land be like?

Ryan North: We really wanted to do the dinosaurs justice. The Savage Land first showed up in Marvel Comics decades ago—but our understanding of dinosaurs has evolved since then. Erica Henderson, the series artist, insisted (she sent me several emails even after I agreed, just to make sure I didn’t forget) that we explain why the Savage Land dinosaurs didn’t have feathers—since we now understand that most dinosaurs did. The explanation in the book (that the Savage Land inhabitants did have feathers but lost them over the 65 million extra years they had to evolve in Antarctica) solved a scientific problem in the Marvel Universe that had bugged Erica for years. We’re always happy to make these stories about super powered people more scientifically accurate!

Plus, if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see some of my favorite species of dinosaurs in the Savage Lands. I think this is the best arc we’ve done yet—and I’m really excited that we’ll soon be able to share it all with you!

UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL #24, by Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson, launches on September 13!

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Follow the History of Spider-Man Pt. 14

For over 50 years, Spider-Man has been a sensational standout in the Marvel Universe, and this summer, the web-slinger swings onto the silver screen once more in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”! In celebration of his memorable history, we present Spidey’s spectacular step-by-step story!

Following a wild encounter with a certain web-footed fowl in HOWARD THE DUCK #1, Spider-Man stumbled into an even wilder adventure in MARVEL TEAM-UP #41 when he trailed the Scarlet Witch and found himself flung through time to Salem in the year 1692 where he fought alongside the Vision in MARVEL TEAM-UP #42, Doctor Doom in MARVEL TEAM-UP #43, and the mysterious Moondragon in MARVEL TEAM-UP #44.

Having wrapped up his Salem side-trip, the webslinger traveled to an alternate future in MARVEL TEAM-UP #45 to aid Killraven against Martian invaders, and to yet another divergent future to meet Deathlok in MARVEL TEAM-UP #46. When he finally landed feet-first in his own time in MARVEL TEAM-UP #47, a volcano brought him and The Thing together to battle the Basilisk in MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #17.

Marvel Team-Up (1972) #46

Marvel Team-Up (1972) #46

What is Marvel Unlimited?

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #152 revived the Shocker for a tussle with Spidey, and a returned Sandman engrained his fists on the wallcrawler’s face in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #153. Our hero shook it off to dig deep into a locked-room mystery in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #154, and attend Betty Brant and Ned Leeds’ wedding in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #155.

The dreaded Doctor Octopus popped up in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #156, but when it appeared that the ghost of his arch-rival Hammerhead haunted him in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #157, it took Spider-Man to dope out the details and discover the flat-topped thug’s out-of-phase existence in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #158. When things seemed darkest in the war between Doc Ock and Hammerhead, they blew each other up all over again in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #159.

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #159

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #159

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Spidey teamed with Iron Man in MARVEL TEAM-UP #48 to investigate a new menace called the Wraith, a conundrum that spilled over into MARVEL TEAM-UP #49, and a visit from Doctor Strange in MARVEL TEAM-UP #50. Finally, in MARVEL TEAM-UP #51, the wallcrawler saw justice done and the Wraith redeemed in a courtroom clash that made the history books.

The Terrible Tinkerer restarted the Spider-Mobile in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #160 to drive home his point to the webbed wonder. Later, Spidey swung into a tangled web with the mutant Nightcrawler in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #161, but it fell to the Punisher to really confuse the issue between the two in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #162 before the return of the Kingpin himself in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #163.

Our hero barely found time to breathe after a demon heated things up for him and Captain America in MARVEL TEAM-UP #52 and the Tarantula crawled back out from under a rock in PETER PARKER, THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN #1.

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Inhuman Nature: Space Odyssey

Bred by an alien race to be a warrior caste and possessing alien DNA, the Inhumans exist as humans possessed of incredible and otherworldly powers when exposed to the substance known as Terrigen. Living secretly, for the most part, among their fellow man, the Inhumans forge their own destiny as a separate society. Dig into the history of the Inhumans with these Marvel Unlimited comics in preparation for “Marvel’s Inhumans” heading to IMAX and ABC this fall! 

For some, space might represent a place of limitless wonder and opportunity, but not for the Inhumans. The species felt two major setbacks coming from the stars in 2007’s WORLD WAR HULK #1, the Green King proved his strength and rage by easily beating the Inhuman one unconscious and using his limp body as proof of his might. The next year’s ILLUMINATI #5 revealed that Black Bolt himself had been replaced by a Super Skrull. Namor killed the interloper and Iron Man delivered the body to Medusa in SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS by Joe Pokaski and Tom Raney. 

Secret Invasion: Inhumans (2008) #1

Secret Invasion: Inhumans (2008) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

That series continued by showing the Inhumans trying to deal with the revelation that their king had been replaced while a Skrull scientist experimented on Blackagar. While Attilan defended itself against an invasion of Super Skrulls, the Royal Family headed out to get their true leader back. Medusa turned to Ronan and the Kree for help, he agreed as long as Crystal married him.

Eventually reunited, the Royal Family returned to Attilan where they made peace with Maximus and announced the Kree alliance. In SECRET INVASION: WAR OF KINGS, one event gave way to another as the Inhumans took to space in Attilan itself, now a city-ship powered by Black Bolt’s voice. 

Secret Invasion: War of Kings One-Shot (2009) #1

Secret Invasion: War of Kings One-Shot (2009) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

Seeing as how the Kree played with Earth genes to create the initial wave of Inhumans, the current group saw that their evolutionary prowess actually put them above the blue-skinned space cases. In other words, the Inhumans called dibs on leading the Kree Empire!

In the WAR OF KINGS six issue series, the Inhumans found themselves thrust into intergalactic politics and all the fighting that came with it thanks to a conflict with the Shi’Ar and their maniacal leader Vulcan.

The war itself ended when Black Bolt attempted to create an equal genetic foundation by releasing the Terrigen Mists into the cosmos. Instead, Vulcan showed up to kill the king. While Crystal and Lockjaw escaped, giving the former time to suppress the mist’s release, but not the massive explosion which seemingly killed Black Bolt after he blasted Vulcan with a “No.”

The Inhumans’ cosmic adventures continued in the Realm of Kings event which found various space heroes trying to stop the Cancerverse’s incursion on reality. In REALM OF KINGS: INHUMANS, Medusa carried on where her husband left off as both the leader of her people as well as the Shi’Ar. 

Realm of Kings: Inhumans (2009) #1

Realm of Kings: Inhumans (2009) #1

What is Marvel Unlimited?

An attack from Devos the Devastator happened to bring the Mighty Avengers back to the Inhumans, including Silent War instigator Quicksilver. He claimed that a Skrull actually committed the acts, but lied. Still, he returned the missing crystals as an act of good faith.

After THE THANOS IMPERATIVE, a far more important return took place in FF #6 when Black Bolt made a triumphant one thanks to Jonathan Hickman and Greg Tocchini. He awoke in The Fault where Lockjaw appeared to bring him back to his people. The Inhumans then responded to a summons, gave Kree control back to Ronan and returned to Earth where Black Bolt found himself a husband four more times over! For even more Hickman Inhuman action, come back next time! 

FF (2010) #6

FF (2010) #6

What is Marvel Unlimited?


Wondering when exactly the Skrulls nabbed Black Bolt and replaced him with one of their own? As explained in SECRET INVASION: INHUMANS #3, they got him after Secret War when Blackagar Boltagon snuck out for one of his Illuminati meetings. They feared that the replacement’s defeat at the hands of Hulk would result in the humans uncovering the invasion plot, but Medusa swung in to nurse her presumed husband back to health.

Jonathan Hickman take the Inhumans – and the rest of the Marvel Universe – to Infinity and beyond!

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